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Day trips in Uganda especially around Kampala isn’t it without Uganda National mosque tour. Located at the Kampala hill, this religious place is ideal for those who seek an insight into Islam and Art. Originally called the Gaddafi National Mosque, the Uganda National Mosque is the biggest mosque in the East African region second biggest on the Continent after King Hassan Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco. It is located on the top of Old Kampala Hill, one of the 7 most distinct of the 23 hills that make up Kampala, Uganda’s largest urban center. These seven hills include Rubaga, Old Kampala, Mulago, Kololo, Kibuli, Namirembe and Makerere each holding distinctive religious, cultural or colonial significance landmark. A day trip to the mosque will provide more insight into the mosque’s history and its importance to Uganda as a nation.

The Uganda National Mosque sits on over 10 acres of land thus emerging as the second largest mosque in Africa, accommodating as much as 200,000 worshipers, seating up to 15,000 worshipers in the main mosque while holding another 1,100 in the gallery and 3,500 in the terrace.

It’s a two stories building and the mosque is on the upper floor while the offices are on the ground floor. The mosque is only opened on special occasions like weddings and Eid days while the offices are on the ground floor which is open at all times. It has large domes covered in brown mosaic and a minaret, (a prayer tower) rivalling the typical Ugandan ‘sky- scraper’ as a symbol of religious architectural superiority.

The mosque offers breath-taking city wide views, religious artistry, beautiful Islamic embroidery on the inside of the dome and wonderful architectural elements that pay tribute to a great deity.

The mosque is located just 2 kilometres from the Kampala centre and it is one of the interesting attractions that can be explored by tourist any day of the year as soon as they visit the country in a city tour.

All day trips tourists in Uganda are well come to visit the Gaddafi Mosque and should dress modestly. Women should wear loose fitting clothes covering to the wrist, ankle and cover their heads. One should know this that the coverings are available at the reception for those who need them and should be returned immediately after the visit. Men should wear trousers, shirts with sleeves.

While inside, there is a lot to see, hear, touch and excite for any visitor like it is with any other piece of art. A half ring that arches the main entrance of the mosque stair hangs in the sky like a mosaic rainbow. While on the ascent to sky, the main entrance peers over the worshiper in a distance hence setting the place for worship. Don’t forget to leave your footwear at the entrance and climb up the minaret is a treat. so book day trips with us and have the best time in Uganda.


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