! Day Gaddafi National mosque

Quick Insight Into the Structure of the Uganda National Mosque

The Uganda National Mosque sits on over 10 acres of land thus emerging as the second largest mosque in Africa, accommodating as much as 200,000 worshipers, seating up to 15,000 worshipers in the main mosque while holding another 1,100 in the gallery and 3,500 in the terrace.

It’s a two storied building and the mosque is on the upper floor while the offices are on the ground floor. The mosque is only opened on special occasions like weddings and Eid days while the offices are on the ground floor which is open at all times. It has large domes covered in brown mosaic and a minaret, (a prayer tower) rivaling the typical Ugandan ‘sky- scraper’ as a symbol of religious architectural superiority.

The mosque offers breath-taking city wide views, religious artistry, beautiful Islamic embroidery on the inside of the dome and wonderful architectural elements that pay tribute to a great deity.

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