1 Day Lake Victoria sun set cruise

1 day Lake Victoria Sunset Cruise. Set out for a magical, 2-hour sundowner cruise as the sun’s final rays set on the shimmering waters of Lake Victoria. Marvel at the beautiful scenery surrounding the lake and enjoy the sublime tranquility of your natural surrounds, passing local fisherman who are casting their final nets of the day as your boat makes its way to the equator line or a flourishing island.

Lake Victoria is the largest Largest: The most enormous tropical lake in the world and the greatest fresh water lake in the whole of Africa; one of the continents biggest lakes, Lake Victoria is equal to the size of Ireland. Fortunate to have such magnificent liquid beauty, Entebbe’s Lake Victoria is home to an abundance of animals that love to frolic on the shore.

Rolling lakeside are the gigantic hippos, very territorial they spend most of their days living in the water but at night rouse themselves out of their slumberous lethargy and stroll onto land to graze. Cast your eyes into the shimmering glint and you will spot crafty Nile crocodiles, as well as carnivorous Monitor Lizards and spotted-necked otters. Hear the cry of the stunning African fish eagle deftly sweeping across the glittering lake in search of a flash of slippery sliver. Cast your eyes into lush treetops where they can often be seen perched majestically in a lofty tree with the ideal view over the vast stretch of quivering water.

Bask in the gloaming as you appreciate the dynamic kaleidoscopic colours of the horizon and your languorous world, floating on a scintillating body of water, transforming into a rich, star studded velvet night.

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Beautiful sunset cruises on Lake Victoria shores and around the Sanctuary. Enjoy the captivating skies with the backdrop of fishermen casting their nets and of course the golden circular site of nature’s eye going to sleep.

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