Our Homestay Tours in Kampala

Our Homestay Tours in Kampala

Homestay trips are trips done while living with a host family or friendly host to a traveller depending on the homestay packages presented. in the homestay, the visitor doesn’t necessarily pay for a hotel, guest house or lodge. With Homestay trips, the cultural and traditional experience differs from the itinerary safaris because they are limited safaris compared to homestay safaris.

Homestay trips expose the tourists to the lifestyle and culture in the hosts’ homes, which isn’t much different from other Ugandans’ homes. During the stay, you carry out activities with hosting families to connect with them. Some of the activities include cooking the local foods, touring the different corners of Kampala like the markets, historical sites in Kampala and many others.

The period for homestay trips starts from 5 days and above, this is to provide time for the cultural exchange between the host and the guest(s) and make you part of the community and the family for during the stay.

Homestay trips make a difference between the hosting family and the guest in communities. In homestay safaris we encourage guests to use local goods during their stay for example local breweries, buying or helping to sell local crafts. We also encourage guests to give donations to the host family and community which is taken as a way of appreciating your stay by the hosts and the community, donations may include clothes, books (textbooks/novels), pens, money, cameras, and shoes and many others. NOTE donations are not a must for you to give but are simply a way of appreciation to the host family.