Bahai Temple

Kikaya, Kampala
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Bahai Temple, provides a spiritual ambience where you feel at peace with your inner self. It is the only one of its kind in Africa & one of the only 7 Baha’i temples that exist in the world.

Located at the top of Kikaaya hill, this religious structure is the only house of worship for the Bahai faith in Africa. It sits on a wide piece of Land which is just 4 miles from the city center along Gayaza road.

It measures 265 meters in height and its interior diameter is 84 feet. Besides Uganda, other countries like Belgium, Germany and Britain put a hand during its construction which took four years up to its completion.

Opened to the public in 1962, this temple enchants visitors with its pretty architectural designs. Besides structures, the surrounding gardens, tree shades and fresh atmosphere creates a setting that is fantastic for relaxation.

It was constructed in a circular form and the inside walls are painted with a pale blue color. The dome roof is supported by 9 large and 27 smaller pillars.

It can seat up to 800 people. Once inside you are not allowed to speak until you move out. Apart from religion, tourists visit this place to see various bird species that reside around.

If you wish to do a city tour in Kampala and not sure of the top spots to include on your bucket list, the Bahai temple is one of them.

Getting there. From Entebbe airport you can use the expressway and connect to the Northern bypass. Drive up to Kalerwe roundabout and join Gayaza road. From Kalerwe you drive for some kilometers to Kanyanya where you find the main path to the temple.

For those who are coming from the city center you can drive through Wandegeya up to Kalerwe or use the other side of Mulago.

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