1 Day Walk in Kampala City Center

Visiting the Uganda National Mosque at Old Kampala hill

The mosque is located just 2 kilometres from the Kampala centre and it is one of the interesting attractions that can be explored by tourist any day of the year as soon as they visit the country in a city tour.

All tourists are well come to visit the Gaddafi Mosque and should dress modestly. Women should wear loose fitting clothes covering to the wrist, ankle and cover their heads. One should know this that the coverings are available at the reception for those who need them and should be returned immediately after the visit. Men should wear trousers, shirts with sleeves.

While inside, there is a lot to see, hear, touch and excite for any visitor like it is with any other piece of art. A half ring that arches the main entrance of the mosque stair hangs in the sky like a mosaic rainbow. While on the ascent to sky, the main entrance peers over the worshiper in a distance hence setting the place for worship. Don’t forget to leave your footwear at the entrance and climb up the minaret is a treat.

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